Dental bonding gives Franklin area patients cosmetic smile improvement in one visit

Dental bonding gives Franklin area patients cosmetic smile improvement in one visit

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Dental treatment Do you have teeth that are broken, chipped, or cracked? Does this hinder your self-confidence, or ability to chew and eat? Do the imperfections cause you to lisp or prevent you from speaking clearly? It is easy to repair these teeth in one visit to K&E Advanced Dentistry, with dental bonding. Patients throughout the Franklin area, including CentervilleMiddletown, Lebanon, Springboro, Miamisburg, and Bellbrook are taking advantage of this efficient and economical service.

Cosmetic bonding is quick and easy to perform. The procedure typically takes an hour or less, per tooth addressed. Dental bonding is a conservative treatment. While the enamel is roughened slightly for good adhesion, very little tooth structure has to be removed. Treatment is comfortable, too. Usually no local anesthetic is needed for cosmetic applications.

With this process, we can:

  • Repair chipped or cracked teeth
  • Improve the shape of teeth
  • Disguise tooth discoloration
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Protect a portion of the tooth’s root that has been exposed due to receding gums

All about dental bonding at K&E Advanced Dentistry explained by Dr. Mamta Kori

All about dental bonding at K&E Advanced Dentistry explained by Dr. Mamta Kori
What is dental bonding? How can dental bonding make your smile look complete? Watch this video to learn more about dental bonding as Dr. Mamta Kori from K&E Advanced Dentistry explains all about it.

What is dental bonding?

At K & E Advanced Dentistry, we provide a procedure commonly known as dental bonding. Dental bonding is done using a tooth-colored filling material mainly for cosmetic work on the front teeth.

Why would someone prefer dental bonding?

Sometimes patients have small spaces or gaps in their teeth that they would like closed. And they prefer to do it using a less invasive method. We use dental bonding in such cases.

What are the usual situations dental bonding is used in?

Occasionally patients will chip part of their front teeth, either through some form of trauma or accident. In such cases, dental bonding is used to repair the tooth and make it look like nothing is missing or broken.

One of our talented dentists chooses a composite resin that is suitable for the area of restoration. The composite is a soft putty-like material that is hand selected for a custom match to the shade of your natural teeth. The material is molded to cover damage or other flaws. Then hardened with a curing light, shaped, and polished to gleaming perfection. Teeth with bonding require no special care; just daily brushing and flossing, as well as professional cleaning at regular exam visits to K&E Advanced Dentistry. The composite material is strong and durable, so it lasts many years with good oral hygiene.

Dental Cosmetic bonding is an appropriate treatment choice in these situations:

  • As an attractive cosmetic alternative to silver amalgam fillings. No one will even know you had a cavity.
  • For the patient who does not smoke, or drink excessive amounts of staining beverages. These habits could cause the bonding material to stain. In this case, the dentist may recommend porcelain veneers or crowns instead.
  • For patients who do not want the permanency or expense of porcelain veneers. Cosmetic bonding is an economical alternative.

The team at K&E Advanced Dentistry is pleased to bring an array of cosmetic enhancement options, including dental bonding, to patients in the Franklin area. Call (855) 912-7677 to schedule a consultation or treatment.

K&E Advanced Dentistry thrive to serve patients with impressive and convenient care to help them be healthy amidst busy lifestyles. Dr. Scott Everhart, Dr. Mamta Kori, Dr. Farhad Jamshidi, Dr. Nadia Mirza & Dr. Elizabeth Newell are committed to providing quality, advanced treatments for any simple or complex dental issues with a personalized touch. The team of dentists, with a variety of capabilities in different specialized areas, serves on the values of compassion and interactiveness to provoke responsive and effective treatments with the help of their years of expertise and knowledge.

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