Knowing What to Expect During the Tooth Implant Process from Start to Finish

Knowing What to Expect During the Tooth Implant Process from Start to Finish

If you are missing teeth, dental implants can dramatically transform your life, enabling you to chew, eat, and speak properly while restoring your self-confidence. For a long time, dentures and bridges have been the go-to solutions for missing teeth, but dental implants have disrupted restorative dentistry by adding a viable option.

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Are you ready for implant-based restoration in Franklin, Ohio? Please book an appointment with K&E Advanced Dentistry. We have been transforming smiles using the six steps below.

Initial Evaluation

After reviewing your medical history, our dental team takes radiographs or X-rays of your mouth to determine the condition of your jawbone and general dental health. If you have gum disease or cavities, we will recommend treatment for a successful dental implant outcome.

Pre-Surgery Procedures

If you have a severely decayed or damaged tooth that needs replacement, it will be extracted to create space for an implant. The extraction will be done right here in our dental office. If you have dental anxiety, we can discuss our dental sedation options.

Patients with severe bone loss need bone grafting to rebuild their jawbone. A bone graft can be harvested. The goal is to preserve your bone to support an implant.

Actual Before And After Image

Implant Retained Dentures Before and After results in Franklin, OH

Implant Surgery

The next crucial dental implant treatment step is installing an implant post into your jaw. The procedure is outpatient and is done under anesthesia to minimize discomfort. Should you need sedation, don’t hesitate to speak to our dental team.

We insert a titanium screw in the space to act as your tooth root. We then suture the surgical site and place a healing cap to kick start the recovery process.

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After inserting the implant, you need about six months to heal. During the healing process, the bone grows around the implant, locking it in place to support a dental crown or denture.

Crown Placement

The final step of the dental implant is to complete the treatment by installing a natural-looking denture, crown, or bridge. For your tooth prosthesis to look as natural as possible, we take your bite impressions and create models, which we send to the dental lab to fabricate your tooth restoration. Once ready, we install it to complete your smile and restore oral functionality.

Rebuild Your Smile with Dental Implants

For all your tooth replacement needs, please contact K&E Advanced Dentistry. Our dental implants aren’t only long-lasting, but they are natural-looking to perform and look like your real, natural teeth. Please call (855) 912-7677 to book an appointment with our dental team today.

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