Digital X-rays and i-CAT 3D Imaging

Digital X-rays and i-CAT 3D Imaging

Close up female dentist pointing at patient's X-ray image in dental office.

High tech dental x-rays bring clarity to Franklin dental procedures

Close up female dentist pointing at patient's X-ray image in dental office. It has been said that clarity is power. Our dental team utilizes advanced technologies for accurate diagnosis of dental problems, and precise treatment planning for powerful results. We utilize digital dental x-rays and 3D imaging at our office in Franklin.

Digital x-rays

This type of x-ray is sometimes called digital radiography. The process is similar to taking conventional film x-rays, but the patient is exposed to 90 percent less radiation. A sensor, placed into your mouth, captures detailed images that can be saved to a computer for viewing, enlargement, or enhancement. It only takes a moment (there is no film to develop), and images are high quality. Because digital x-rays are electronic files, they can easily be shared with your other healthcare providers by email or on a disc, to aid in a comprehensive treatment plan.

i-CAT three dimensional imaging

Our i-CAT cone beam computed tomography system takes three dimensional images of the mouth and face, vital for planning more complex procedures such as dental implant placement. We gain a crystal-clear, panoramic view of your mouth from all angles. The process is painless. You simply sit still while the scanner revolves around your face. It takes 40 seconds or less, and the device has an ergonomic stability feature so re-takes are rarely necessary.

i-CAT three dimensional imaging

Benefits of digital x-rays and 3D imaging

  • Low radiation.
  • Painless and noninvasive.
  • Clear and accurate images.
  • Provides a variety of views and angles.
  • Images can be manipulated for more complete evaluation.
  • Bone and soft tissue are revealed, for precise treatment planning.

Digital x-rays and three dimensional imaging are just two examples of our investment in modern technologies and training to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes for our patients. Call our office in Franklin at (855) 912-7677, or stop by to see examples of this powerful advance in dental diagnostics.

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