Recommended care for Franklin, OH area residents from family dental practice

Recommended care for Franklin, OH area residents from family dental practice

A Franklin, OH area family can find the convenience of a full range of services for all ages at K&E Advanced Dentistry dental practice, with its office in Franklin, OH

Family Dentist In Franklin

Recommended care for kids and teens 

We help our youngest patients develop strong, healthy smiles with:

  • Dental sealants – Sealant is a clear coating applied to the chewing surfaces of molars. The liquid flows into microscopic pits and crevices, keeping cavity-causing bacteria out.
  • Fluoride treatments – As teeth absorb this topically-applied mineral, it strengthens enamel and helps to repair early stage tooth decay.
  • Fillings – We detect cavities early, and restore teeth with natural-looking resin fillings.
  • Mouthguards – The smiles of young athletes are best protected with comfortable, custom-fit mouthguards.
  • Wisdom teeth removal – As children grow toward adulthood, removal of wisdom teeth may benefit oral wellness. We handle the procedure in-house, with gentle sedation options.

Adult attention 

Now is the time to reward yourself with cosmetic enhancements such as:

  • Teeth whitening – Your smile can pop in as little as an hour with our professional whitening solutions. Convenient, customized at-home whitening kits are available, too.
  • Porcelain veneers – This popular treatment masks deep discoloration, enamel flaws, and minor misalignment in just two appointments.
  • Snap on Smile – These “instant veneers” snap into place for photo ops or special events. 

Special treatment for seniors 

As dexterity lessens, brushing and flossing becomes more challenging, and medications may cause chronic dry mouth. These factors increase risk of gum disease. We provide gentle periodontal maintenance to preserve gum health and improve overall wellness. We also specialize in great-fitting dentures and implant-retained dentures.

We welcome new patients of all ages. Call (855) 912-7677 in Franklin or visit our University Dental office in Middletown.

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K&E Advanced Dentistry thrive to serve patients with impressive and convenient care to help them be healthy amidst busy lifestyles. Dr. Scott Everhart, Dr. Mamta Kori, Dr. Farhad Jamshidi, Dr. Nadia Mirza & Dr. Elizabeth Newell are committed to providing quality, advanced treatments for any simple or complex dental issues with a personalized touch. The team of dentists, with a variety of capabilities in different specialized areas, serves on the values of compassion and interactiveness to provoke responsive and effective treatments with the help of their years of expertise and knowledge.

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