Implant Retained Dentures – Quality dentures keep Franklin patients chewing and smiling

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Implant Retained Dentures – Quality dentures keep Franklin patients chewing and smiling

3D rendering implantat
3D rendering implantat If you have lost all of your natural teeth from tooth decay, periodontal disease, or trauma, dentures can replace your smile and help you regain the ability to eat properly. You will also look younger, feel better, and speak and laugh with greater confidence. The dental professionals at K&E Advanced Dentistry find that providing dentures for patients in Franklin, MiddletownCenterville, Lebanon, Springboro, Miamisburg, Bellbrook, and beyond is one of their most rewarding services.

There are three main options for replacing teeth with dentures. Following your consultation, your restorative dentist will explain choices that are right for you..

Complete dentures

This removable option is for the patient who has lost all, or the majority of their teeth. The dentist designs dentures to provide a realistic appearance and comfortable fit and function.

Partial dentures

This type of denture is also removable, and is an option for the patient who has some healthy teeth remaining. By filling in the spaces left by missing teeth, the patient is able to chew more efficiently, speak more clearly, and smile with confidence. Partial dentures also prevent existing teeth from shifting, which helps to avoid further tooth loss and issues with the jaw joint. Partials are secured to adjoining teeth with metal or acrylic clasps.

Implant-retained dentures

Either partial or full dentures may be stabilized with dental implants. This method provides optimal stability and helps to maintain healthy bone density. Once implants are placed and healed, specialized fixtures are applied to the implants with corresponding attachment points on your existing or new denture.

Implant-retained dentures may be permanent or removable:

  • Permanent dentures – This option affixes your new teeth in place. A full denture is typically secured with four to six dental implants and is not removable. You brush the denture just like you would your own natural teeth, and don’t have to worry that it will wobble or pop out.
  • Removable implant-retained dentures – This method is almost as secure as permanent implant-supported dentures. However, the denture can be removed for cleaning. It snaps into place, eliminating the need for denture adhesive.

Dentures that fit well and look good have a positive impact on quality of life. Call K&E Advanced Dentistry to learn more about your options for dentures. Call our office in Franklin at (855) 912-7677

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