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Wisdom teeth earned the name because they cut through the gums when a person is older, and potentially wiser, usually between the age of 17 and 25. For some patients, wisdom teeth cause problems that require oral surgery and extraction. The K&E Advanced Dentistry team in Franklin, OH, understands that talking about extraction can be worrisome. They make sure to answer their patients’ questions and fully explain the need for extraction.

Will my wisdom teeth need to be extracted?

Some patients barely notice when their wisdom teeth erupt. The person may experience some pressure and discomfort as the teeth cut through the gums. Rarely the teeth are healthy, positioned correctly and the mouth has room to accommodate the new molars. More often,the teeth can cause issues such as:

  • The mouth is too small for another set of teeth – If there’s not enough room the wisdom teeth will push against the back molars, causing pain. They can even push the remaining teeth out of proper alignment.
  • Wisdom teeth don’t fully erupt – In some cases, part of the tooth will erupt while the remaining tooth stays lodged in the gums. This can cause inflammation, pain, and even an infection in the gums.
  • Wisdom teeth are at an incorrect angle – If the tooth is not positioned properly it can be challenging for patients to properly brush and floss their teeth, this can cause tooth decay or gum disease.

Dental extractions are safe and, because they’re completed using anesthesia, patients don’t feel pain. In fact, wisdom teeth that have fully erupted usually need only a simple extraction using local anesthetic. If the teeth remain below the gum line, oral or IV sedation will be used.

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