Preventive Dentistry

preventive dentistry

Avoiding dental problems with preventive dentistry in Franklin

The team at K&E Advanced Dentistry is here to help you avoid dental problems with a program of hygiene and preventive dentistry, from our office in Franklin.

Are professional cleanings important?

Yes. Our hygiene team has specialized training and instruments to remove bacteria and plaque from places you can’t reach with home care. These visits also give the dentist a chance to detect oral problems early, when they can be addressed economically, efficiently, and comfortably.

Other preventive measures

To help you enjoy the benefits of a healthy mouth for a lifetime, we recommend:

  • Fluoride treatment strengthens enamel and fights cavities. It isn’t just for kids. This quick, painless treatment is ideal for adults with medical conditions that increase risk of tooth decay, dental restorations, or gum disease.
  • Dental sealants keep cavity-causing bacteria out of microscopic pits and crevices in molars. Sealants are suggested for children at about age five, and adults benefit from treatment, too.
  • Mouth guards that are custom fit for comfortable wear, protect teeth and soft tissues from sports injuries.
  • Periodontal maintenance keeps harmful bacteria from repopulating. Deep cleaning appointments are scheduled according to your oral environment.

Why Waterpik


MI Paste


Antibiotic for Deep Cleaning


The dental professionals at K&E Advanced Dentistry carefully screen oral healthcare products. We offer the convenience of purchasing these items on-site, at your regular dental visits:

  • Peridex™ prescription-strength oral rinse. Use daily to reduce oral bacteria, and control gum bleeding, swelling, and redness.
  • Prevident® prescription toothpaste from Colgate®, one of the most trusted names in dental care. With four times the fluoride of drugstore toothpastes, Prevident remineralizes enamel to fight cavities and reverse white spots.
  • MI Paste™, a special toothpaste that delivers fluoride, calcium, and phosphates to keep enamel strong, as it reduces tooth sensitivity.
  • Waterpik® water flossers and accessories, for gentle plaque removal and stimulation of gum tissues.
  • Electric toothbrushes for invigorating cleaning of teeth and gums. These toothbrushes are ideal for patients with limited hand mobility.

In our experience, the most effective way to address slight to moderate cases of gum disease is a treatment called scaling and root planing, offered at our office in Franklin. This is a nonsurgical deep cleaning, above and below the gum line. Arestin, a locally administered antibiotic approved by the FDA, is used in conjunction with scaling and root planing. This antibiotic is fast-acting, easily placed, and comfortable. Once Arestin is applied, the antibiotic is released for up to 21 days.

K&E Advanced Dentistry wants to be your partner in oral health. Call us In Franklin (855) 912-7677.

I am guilty of avoiding the dentist, until I started going to Advanced Dentistry. They make me feel good about my dental health and I love getting compliments about my teeth.

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