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 Answers to your questions about root canals from Franklin dentist

“Root canal” is the common term for endodontic therapy. While this dental treatment bears the brunt of many jokes and groans, in reality it relieves pain quickly and allows a natural tooth to be retained. Here are some of the questions about root canals that Dr. Mamta Kori frequently hears at K&E Advanced Dentistry in Franklin.

When does a patient need root canal treatment?

  • Persistent or recurring pain with a tooth.
  • Pain when you chew on the tooth or apply pressure (especially near the root area).
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold that lingers for more than a few seconds.
  • Swelling, tenderness, or a bump on the gums near that tooth.
Root Canal Procedure

Is a root canal painful?

The majority of our patients describe treatment as similar to getting a filling. Our dentists use state of the art tools and materials to make the experience painless and as quick as possible.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal therapy removes the nerve from the space inside your tooth, allowing you to keep the tooth and get rid of the source of the pain. It is a procedure that generally takes an hour. Once root canal treatment is completed, the tooth becomes brittle and more prone to breakage without the pulp which provides nutrients and blood supply. This is why root canal treated teeth need crowns to protect them.

Why do patients need root canal therapy?

An infected tooth does not have to be extracted. A root canal allows the tooth to remain intact, to aid in chewing. It prevents movement of adjacent teeth, and collapse of the opposite arch of teeth, which would have a negative impact on ability to chew and the appearance of the smile.

Your dentist will help you decide if the condition of the tooth is good enough to warrant root canal treatment, or if an alternative option such as an implant or a partial denture, may be better for you. Call our office at Franklin today to learn more about root canals. The number is (855) 912-7677.

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