It’s easy to get the comfortable, quality dental care that you need with convenient Saturday evening hours

It’s easy to get the comfortable, quality dental care that you need with convenient Saturday evening hours

At K&E Advanced Dentistry, we are proud to offer a variety of comprehensive and cutting-edge services and technologies to our patients in Franklin and throughout southwest Ohio. However, what good are these services and procedures if they are not accessible to the individuals and families we serve? Accessibility means having a range of convenient hours available to our patients. That way, our associates and teamwork with our patients’ busy schedules – not against their lifestyles. 

Saturday Dental Appointments Available Near Me In Franklin OH

By offering Saturday dental appointments, we understand that you and your family are more likely to maintain professional hygiene services and exams that support oral health. And good oral health is inextricably linked to good systemic health, quality of life, and overall well-being. Consider this: 

  • Patients with gum disease are more likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, and other systemic conditions than those with healthy gums. 
  • People with diabetes with oral conditions such as gum disease find it challenging to control their diabetes. Gum disease promotes inflammation and high blood sugar levels.
  • Patients with oral infections are four times more likely to develop pneumonia and other respiratory conditions than healthy individuals. 
  • Pregnancy is a risk factor for the development of gum disease. Pregnant women with uncontrolled periodontal disease also have a seven times greater risk of pregnancy complications, for instance, going into premature labor and having underweight babies. 

Routine visits to our practice in Franklin, scheduled at least once every six months, help keep gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral conditions at bay. You can preserve your confident, comfortable, and attractive smile while also preserving the health of the rest of “you.” We have set aside evening and weekend hours for these critical hygiene visits. 

Our hygienists remove stubborn plaque that doesn’t budge with a standard toothbrush and other OTC products during these appointments. Their advanced cleaning techniques and specialized tools also lift unsightly stains and disease-producing bacteria. Instruments such as a dental probe are used to gently measure the spaces or pockets between the teeth and gums. Such measurements tell us if gum disease is present and the extent of the disease. We want to detect and address oral disease at its earliest stages when the odds of successfully treating the condition are highest. 

Treating conditions sooner rather than later usually require minimal trauma to the treatment site and help to minimize the time and costs associated with restoring the health, function, and appearance of your smile. Patients also appreciate that we are open for business, to treat all your family’s needs throughout the week. Both early morning and later evening hours are available for your convenience. We have put a great deal of thought into designing the most convenient and pleasant experience for our patients. It is not unheard of for a family of four to visit our practice and leave an hour later with all their dental needs met. It’s that easy! Our dentists and team accommodate multiple family members efficiently and adeptly.

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Weekend, morning, and evening hours are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to K&E Advanced Dentistry’s commitment to making dental care accessible to all patients. For instance, we understand that concerns over cost can keep patients away. So, unlike many other dental practices, we accept most insurance plans. We also offer a no-strings-attached, in-house Dental Savings Plan for those who do not have insurance. Additionally, you may qualify for flexible financing through CareCredit®. Our team has considered all the sources of fear, anxiety, and stress associated with dentistry. Bring your concerns to us, and we’ll help you! Call (855) 912-7677 to schedule your convenient, comfortable, no-hassle appointment today.

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K&E Advanced Dentistry thrive to serve patients with impressive and convenient care to help them be healthy amidst busy lifestyles. Dr. Scott Everhart, Dr. Mamta Kori, Dr. Farhad Jamshidi, Dr. Nadia Mirza & Dr. Elizabeth Newell are committed to providing quality, advanced treatments for any simple or complex dental issues with a personalized touch. The team of dentists, with a variety of capabilities in different specialized areas, serves on the values of compassion and interactiveness to provoke responsive and effective treatments with the help of their years of expertise and knowledge.

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