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Teeth whitening brings brilliance to Franklin area smiles

Most adults want a brighter, healthy looking smile, but life has a way of leaving teeth dingy. Maybe you have tried over-the-counter products and have been disappointed with results. It is time to consider professional teeth whitening at K&E Advanced Dentistry in Franklin.

Causes of discoloration

For most of us, adult teeth come in pearly white and lustrous. However, these factors can cause discoloration:

  • Negligent oral hygiene.
  • Smoking or smokeless tobacco.
  • Beverages that stain – coffee, tea, cola, and red wine.
  • Foods like dark berries and soy sauce.
  • Excessive fluoride.
  • Some antibiotics.
  • Aging. As tooth enamel thins over time, the yellowish layer of dentin begins to show through.
  • Trauma.
  • Old dental restorations.

Benefits of professional whitening

Whitening toothpastes can actually contribute to discoloration in the long-term. They scrub away surface stains, but abrasive particles leave scratches in enamel that hold pigments from foods and beverages. Professional teeth whitening products are non-abrasive. These gel compounds contain prescription strength ingredients that dissolve stains, even those that are deeply embedded into microscopic tubules in enamel. They also contain buffering agents to minimize risk of sensitivity from whitening.

K&E Advanced Dentistry offers two convenient whitening options. With in-office whitening, your smile becomes shades brighter in about an hour. Treatment is painless – just relax in the chair while we apply whitening gel and activate it with a special light.

If you prefer gradual brightening, our at-home whitening method is for you. Impressions of your mouth are used to create customized trays that fit snugly and comfortably, to hold the whitening gel. You wear the trays for about an hour a day, until desired results are achieved.

With teeth whitening at K&E Advanced Dentistry in Franklin, you get great results with the assurance of professional guidance. Call us at (855) 912-7677.

I am guilty of avoiding the dentist, until I started going to Advanced Dentistry. They make me feel good about my dental health and I love getting compliments about my teeth.

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