Trusted Hands for Dental Extractions in Franklin

Count on K&E Advanced Dentistry for expert extractions. Your comfort and familiarity matter—we handle most cases in-house, ensuring safety and efficiency for 99% of our patients in Franklin.

Simple Extractions: Gentle & Swift Solutions

Discover our approach to painless extractions. Simple extraction, using a local anesthetic, gently removes visible teeth. Trust our skilled team to ease your discomfort swiftly and efficiently.

Surgical Extraction: Expert Care for Complex Cases

When teeth pose challenges, our expertise shines. Surgical extraction tackles hidden or broken teeth with precision. We offer sedation for added relaxation during this nuanced procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Worries?  We've Got You Covered

Ease the discomfort of impacted wisdom teeth with us. Relax with sedation and let us handle the extraction process, ensuring minimal memory of the procedure for a stress-free experience.

Multiple Extractions, One Focus: Your Comfort

Facing multiple extractions? Trust our dedicated scheduling for precision and care. From periodontal issues to denture preparation, we prioritize your comfort throughout each procedure.

Enjoy Fearless Experiences at K&E Advanced Dentistry

At our Franklin office, extractions are painless. We prioritize preserving your natural teeth and handle extractions with skill and care.


to learn more about our reassuring approach to extractions and oral care.