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Dental Sealants

Protect Your Child's Smile with

The #1 chronic illness in children, tooth decay can have a lasting effect on oral health, self-esteem, and overall wellness. Learn how dental sealants can help!

What Causes Cavities?

Poor oral hygiene, a sugary diet, and the natural contours of molars can all contribute to tooth decay, which occurs when bacterial acids wear holes in tooth enamel because of a mineral content imbalance.

How Do Sealants Help?

Dental sealants are a proactive approach to preventing cavities. By sealing the chewing surfaces of molars, sealants create a barrier that keeps bacteria and food debris out.

Reduce Risk of Cavities by 70%

According to CDC studies, dental sealants can reduce the risk of cavities by more than 70%.

Sealants aren’t just for kids!

It's not just children who can benefit from sealants. Adults, especially those who are more cavity-prone, such as smokers, can also benefit from this preventive treatment.

Take action to prevent cavities!

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