Your Secret to a Healthy Smile in Franklin

 92% of Americans aged 20 to 64 have experienced cavities in their adult teeth. But here's the secret: tooth-colored fillings in Franklin can keep your smile vibrant and cavity-free.

Did you know that tooth decay isn't just a kid's issue?

Seamless Smile Restoration

Our caring dentists recommend tooth-colored fillings when you have a damaged or decayed tooth. In a single visit, we'll remove the damage and replace it with a composite filling that matches your natural teeth, leaving no trace of a filling.

The Magic of Tooth-Colored Fillings

These fillings are a blend of solid resins and finely ground glass, mimicking natural tooth enamel's translucency. They resist wear and fracture, can be placed on the front or back teeth, and require less healthy tooth reduction than amalgam fillings. Plus, no mercury!

Maintaining tooth-colored fillings is a breeze. Just stick to regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups – no special care is required. These restorations are virtually invisible in your smile, so no one will ever know.

Easy Maintenance

At K&E Advanced Dentistry, we prioritize your oral health. If a porcelain crown fits your needs better, we'll explain why. Trust our ethical dentists to recommend the right treatment for you, considering tooth damage, the procedure, and your lifestyle.

Trust Our Expertise

Say goodbye to silver fillings and hello to a cosmetic alternative. If you're in Franklin, call

to schedule an appointment or learn more about our cosmetic services. Your cavity is our secret to a healthy, stunning smile.

Discover the Beauty of Tooth-Colored Fillings