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Employee Testimonials at K&E Advanced Dentistry

I am Amanda and I am a clinical coordinator here at K & E Advanced dentistry. I bring 14 years experience to the office. I’ve been the clinical coordinator for three years. I’m in charge of the clinical team members. I do their schedules, their protocols, and any training for the office among many other things. I am passionate about working in the dental field. Unfortunately, a lot of patients do have high anxiety and fear when they come to the dentist. I love that I can help eliminate any of their fears and comfort them when they need it the most. I love working here at K & E Advanced Dentistry because everyone treats you like part of the family. You are not just an employee, you are a family member. Dr. Kori and Dr. Everhart go up and beyond outside of the operatory to make us feel rewarded, comfortable for a job well done. 

Hi, my name is Crystal Bertini. I’m a registered Dental hygienist here at K & E Advanced Dentistry. I’ve been working here for three years. My roles include X-rays, dental charting, overall assessment of the mouth and oral health. Dental hygiene, I feel, is a prevention specialist. We try to prevent any oral health concerns before they occur as opposed to treating them later after they come up. People aren’t aware that the mouth is a gateway into the body. It affects your overall health. It affects your quality of life. What I love best about the doctors here is everybody’s a team player. We’re all on the same level. I’ve had doctors clean my room for me if I’m running behind. It’s always all hands on deck. If anybody needs anything, I’ve had front desk people come back and help with sterilization. This team is very strong. There is no one’s better than anybody else. We all pitch in and it’s a very great place to work. If you’re going to be away from your family, you want to have a work family that you love to come to. 

My name is Sarah and I’m a dental hygienist, my dentist at Kori and Everhart. What I love about my job most is working with young children, giving them direction and educating them for home care at their house in case they aren’t being told by their parents and it clicks with them what they have to do to take care of their team. I have worked with Kori & Everhart for 10 years, which says a lot. Over those 10 years. I have worked several hours a week and I’ve also dropped down so I can family. I appreciate everything Dr. Kori.

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