Extractions: Extractions Handled by the Dental Team You Know and Trust in Franklin Area

Extractions: Extractions Handled by the Dental Team You Know and Trust in Franklin Area

Smile even after dental dental extraction
Smile even after dental dental extraction A dental extraction involves removing a tooth from its socket in the alveolar bone. Extraction is usually needed when untreated tooth decay, periodontal disease, or trauma has rendered the tooth un-restorable. Problematic wisdom teeth are also addressed in this manner. The team at K&E Advanced Dentistry realizes that the idea of a dental extraction is unsettling to most patients. We believe that you feel more comfortable having the procedure done by people you know, in the familiar setting of your family dentist’s office. We are able to handle all but the most complex extractions in-house, without referral to a specialist. About 99 percent of our patients’ extractions and oral surgery needs are managed safely and effective at our office in Franklin.

Simple extraction usually requires only local anesthetic. A simple extraction is performed on a tooth that is visible. We use special instruments to grasp the tooth and rock it loose from the periodontal ligament and supporting bone with slow steady pressure.

All about tooth extractions at K&E Advanced Dentistry explained by Dr. Mamta Kori

Do you have a decayed tooth which you need to extract? In this video, Dr. Mamta Kori explains all you need to know about tooth extractions. Watch the video to learn more.

Types of extractions done at K&E Advanced Dentistry

There are several types of extractions, and we do a majority of them in-house. We are able to do 90% of our extractions for the patient.

What are the options available to make a patient comfortable during an extraction?

We have a variety of options in terms of getting the patient comfortable. We always numb every patient, regardless of what else they have done.

They also have the options of nitric oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, or they can also be sedated.

Are all the extraction done in your practice?

For the more complicated cases that we are not able to do inhouse, we do work with a dentist who is highly skilled in removing teeth. We refer patients to him, and he can see them quickly and rapidly.

He sedates them if they choose to be sedated or remove any teeth that we are not able to such, as impacted wisdom teeth or more complicated extractions.

Surgical extraction may be necessary if the tooth has broken below the gum line, or has not fully erupted. Usually a small incision is made to allow the dentist to access the tooth, and it may be split into pieces for easier removal. We can provide nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation in addition to numbing, if you are very anxious about the procedure.

Wisdom tooth removal is performed to alleviate discomfort from impacted third molars, or when they are crowding existing teeth or causing mouth sores.  Oral conscious or sedation allows you to relax during treatment, and have little memory of the procedure afterward.

Multiple extractions may be in order if you have advanced periodontal disease, or in preparation for dentures. We block out plenty of time in our schedule to handle each extraction with precision, and your comfort is ensured with gentle sedation.

We try to help you keep your natural teeth as long as possible, but extractions are nothing to fear at our office in Franklin. Call (855) 912-7677 for more information.

K&E Advanced Dentistry thrive to serve patients with impressive and convenient care to help them be healthy amidst busy lifestyles. Dr. Scott Everhart, Dr. Mamta Kori, Dr. Farhad Jamshidi, Dr. Nadia Mirza & Dr. Elizabeth Newell are committed to providing quality, advanced treatments for any simple or complex dental issues with a personalized touch. The team of dentists, with a variety of capabilities in different specialized areas, serves on the values of compassion and interactiveness to provoke responsive and effective treatments with the help of their years of expertise and knowledge.

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