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 Dental sealants help Franklin kids have healthier teeth

Tooth decay is the number one chronic illness in children, and it can have long-term detrimental effects on oral health, overall wellness, and self-esteem. If you could spare your child the discomfort and embarrassment of cavities, with a simple treatment that costs less than one filling, would you be interested? Dental sealants help kids (and adults) in Franklin and throughout South Dayton area enjoy healthier smiles.

What causes cavities?

Bacteria that feed on residual food in the mouth produce acids that leech minerals from tooth structure. Simultaneously, teeth absorb minerals from saliva. Tooth decay results from an imbalance in mineral content that allows bacterial acids to eat holes in tooth enamel. A diet high in sugars and carbohydrates and poor oral hygiene contribute to the imbalance. In addition, the chewing surfaces of molars have natural contours – pits and fissures – that trap bits of food debris and create hiding places for bacteria. This is where the majority of cavities form in children’s mouths.

How do sealants help?

Sealants are a preventive treatment that stops the dental caries process before it becomes tooth decay, and avoids new cavities. We use a clear resin-based third-generation sealant with the added advantage of fluoride. After your child’s teeth are cleaned, we brush the liquid plastic on chewing surfaces of molars where it flows into pits and fissures, sealing the enamel. Treatment is painless and takes only a few minutes, and sealants can last up to ten years. Adults, especially smokers who are more cavity-prone, also benefit from treatment with sealants.

Studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that dental sealants reduce risk of cavities by more than 70 percent! Call K&E Advanced Dentistry today to schedule a hygiene appointment with sealants. The number of our Franklin office is (855) 912-7677.

I am guilty of avoiding the dentist, until I started going to Advanced Dentistry. They make me feel good about my dental health and I love getting compliments about my teeth.

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