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Our government has been closely monitoring the spread of the coronavirus.
At this time we are closed but will see emergency patients. If you are unsure if you have a dental emergency you can email a picture of the area in question with a description of your concerns and we will reply within 24 business hours.

If you are requesting a prescription or prescription refill you must provide the pharmacy phone number, your full name, date of birth, allergies and a working phone number in case we need to contact you via phone.

If you are currently completing Invisalign treatment we are advising patients to wear your current aligner until we reopen.

In order to keep social distancing, we are asking patients to call upon arrival of your emergency appointment. If we are not updating your information you will be asked to remain in your vehicle until a treatment room is ready for you. Accompanying individuals will not be allowed to wait in the waiting area. Please call or email us with any questions or special circumstances.

In the next few days, we will be reaching out to our patients to reschedule cleanings and non-emergent treatment. You may also contact us to reschedule your appointment via email at

This is a very difficult decision, but as a part of the healthcare community and the community at large, we have to protect the safety of our patients and the team.

Thank you for your support and we hope each and every one of you remain safe during this time.

K&E Advanced Dentistry and Team

Permanent dental implants restore missing teeth in Franklin, OH

Permanent Dental Implants in Franklin OH area

Making a decision about the best tooth-replacement option for you can be difficult when you are facing tooth loss. At K&E Advanced Dentistry in Franklin, OH, our team of dentists is here to help. One of the most common types of restorations that patients ask about is dental implants. Read on to learn more about this highly functional and permanent tooth replacement option. How dental implants work Each tooth in your mouth has two main components: the crown, which is the visible portion of the tooth that you see above the gum line, and the root, which is invisible beneath … Continue reading

Franklin, OH dentist explains why dental visits are important to your health

Why Dental Visits Important to Your Health in Franklin, OH area

A radiant, healthy smile does more than make you look good – it keeps you free from pain, disease, and costly dental restorations. One of the best ways you can keep your teeth and gums healthy is to see your dentist regularly for check-ups and professional cleanings. Below, the dentists at K&E Advanced Dentistry in Franklin, OH explain why dental visits are an important part of your health care and how they can help keep your smile not only looking, but also feeling great! Why dental visits are important for your health A routine dental visit consists of two important … Continue reading

Restore your smile with Invisalign treatment from your Franklin, OH dentist

Restore Your Smile With Invisalign in Franklin area

Doesn’t everyone want to smile with confidence?  Having a straight, beautiful smile is a common desire among adults, but many are hesitant about a mouth full of traditional braces. If you are ready for a solution that doesn’t require multiple tightening appointments and copious food restrictions, you are ready for the Invisalign system. The team at K&E Advanced Dentistry in Franklin has years of experience helping patients have a straighter smile with the help of Invisalign trays. How it works: Rather than using a wire system like conventional orthodontic braces, Invisalign uses clear aligner trays that are custom fabricated for … Continue reading

Franklin dentist explains how to get your smile back with dental implants

Get Back Your Smile With Dental Implants in Franklin area

If you are feeling self-conscious about tooth loss, you could get back your smile with dental implants from K & E Advanced Dentistry in Franklin, OH. Dentures don’t have to be the only way to restore missing teeth. Dental implants are a straightforward, relatively painless way to have the smile you used to know and love. You don’t have to miss out on life because of missing teeth, call K & E Advanced Dentistry today to learn more about dental implants. Why dental implants? Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss. The small, titanium post is surgically implanted … Continue reading

Dentist in Franklin, OH explains the purpose and benefits of root canal treatment

Dentist in Franklin area Explains the Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

At K&E Advanced Dentistry, patients in and around the community of Franklin, OH have access to solutions to improve their oral health and wellness, including treatments such as root canal therapy. Working with a dentist experienced in providing this treatment has its advantages. Our dentists – Drs. Kori, Everhart, Patel, and Jamshidi, explain the benefits and purpose of root canal therapy for the treatment of damaged or infected dental pulp. What is root canal therapy and what is its purpose? Our dentists in Franklin, OH describe root canal therapy as a procedure that is performed to remove the dental pulp … Continue reading

Cosmetic dental treatments available with Franklin, OH area dentist

Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Franklin OH area

At K&E Advanced Dentistry, patients can visit a dentist in the Franklin, OH area who offers cosmetic dental treatments for enhancing the smile. We have a wide selection of treatment options for our patients to consider when they are ready to transform the appearance of their smiles with cosmetic services! Cosmetic Dental Treatments from Franklin, OH Dentist Patients located in the area of Franklin, OH are welcome to book a consultation visit with Drs. Kori, Everhart, Patel, or Jamshidi to discuss the treatments they want to use in improving their smiles. Below is a small sample of the cosmetic and … Continue reading

Practice in Franklin, OH has wide range of general dental services available

General Dental Services in Franklin OH area

At K&E Advanced Dentistry, we offer Franklin, OH area patients solutions for improving their oral health and wellness. General dental services available at our practice are used to help patients achieve and maintain healthy smiles. Patients are welcome to ask about services used in enhancing the appearance, health, and function of their smiles. General dental services available in Franklin, OH practice Examinations – every six months, patients are encouraged to visit for an examination. During this time, the dentist will not only examine the smile visually, but the dentist may also perform x-rays to look at the smile’s health overall. … Continue reading

Straightening teeth with Invisalign orthodontics through Franklin, OH dentist

Woman wearing orthodontic silicone trainer. Invisible braces aligner. Mobile orthodontic appliance for dental correction

Patients in Franklin, OH who are interested in straightening their teeth can speak to their dentist about the options available to them in correcting misalignment. In most cases, orthodontics is suggested, but instead of traditional metal bracket and wire braces, the team at K&E Advanced Dentistry are pleased to offer an alternative option called Invisalign. Understanding how Invisalign works Orthodontic treatment with a traditional orthodontist often involves the use of conventional braces, which use metal brackets attached to wires to reposition the teeth over months, sometimes years. Instead of undergoing this unattractive option, patients at K&E Advanced Dentistry are introduced … Continue reading

Dentist in Franklin, OH explains the benefits of dental sealants

Senior woman on the dentist chair in the dental office

Drs. Scott Everhart and Mamta Kori in Franklin, OH are here to help patients with general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry needs. Our team explains the benefits of a variety of preventative care services including dental sealants. Understanding dental sealants Dental sealants can be a wonderful, preventative solution for patients who may be at a higher risk of developing tooth decay. Sealants are commonly associated with children, but they can be provided for adults as well. Dental sealants for adults can be a wise investment for individuals who are interested in protecting their smile from decay. The purpose behind dental sealants … Continue reading

Franklin, OH area dentist offers professional grade teeth whitening options

Happy young woman smilling with showing her face

At K&E Advanced Dentistry, our team is available to provide a variety of professional treatments for individuals in and around the area of Franklin, OH. Drs. Scott Everhart and Mamta Kori are pleased to offer patients a way to brighten their smiles with professional teeth whitening options. What is teeth whitening? Also known as teeth bleaching, teeth whitening treatments are highly desirable for many of our patients because they provide a way for individuals to achieve a whiter, brighter smile in ways once thought impossible. While many drugstores in the community have teeth whitening products in their oral care aisles, … Continue reading

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