Franklin, OH, dental practice helps patients without dental insurance

Franklin, OH, dental practice helps patients without dental insurance

When open enrollment rolls around, many patients wonder if they really need to keep paying for dental insurance. It often feels like an unnecessary cost when they have a healthy smile. However, as with medical, car, and home insurance, the costs of not having protection can be quite high.

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Patients of K&E Advanced Dentistry in Franklin, OH, have further protection with the Dental Savings Plan. Offered by the practice, this plan offers patients several benefits including two checkups and two emergency visits, x-rays, and significant discounts off many services. This provides patients with peace of mind that their dental care can be affordable.

The costs of not receiving dental care

Often patients believe that they can simply put off dental care to save money, but this practice can be quite costly. Dental checkups are a critical part of oral health care. They provide the patient with a professional cleaning in which the hygienist can remove built up plaque from the teeth, particularly in areas of the mouth that are nearly impossible to reach at home. Dental checkups also allow the dentist to spot any potential problems before they erupt into painful, and expensive, conditions.

Dental problems must be addressed

Similarly, if you have tooth pain or gum inflammation it’s important to receive dental care. Over the counter pain medications may mask the pain, but the underlying cause of the problem nearly always requires treatment at the dentist’s office. While the pain might go away, tooth decay does not. It will erupt again and often with more intensity and requiring a more invasive procedure to fix. A small cavity treatment several months ago might now require deeper treatment.

Don’t put off dental care. Call K&E Advanced Dentistry at (855) 912-7677 to learn more about our Dental Savings Plan.

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With our in-house Dental Savings Plan, we have removed the financial stresses of visiting the dentist. For just $349 per year you will no longer have to pay each time you go in for your routine cleaning & exam.

In addition, if you are in need of any additional dental care, virtually every service we provide will receive a 20-30% discount.