What to expect with extractions in Franklin, OH area dental practice

What to expect with extractions in Franklin, OH area dental practice

There are times when patients in the Franklin, OH area may be faced with the need for extracting natural teeth. Many of our patients at K&E Advanced Dentistry will ask our team about what they can expect for extractions when they are recommended.

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What is an extraction?

Extractions are the removal of natural teeth from the mouth. This may be done with simple extractions or surgical extractions. Simple extractions are when the dentist removes a tooth that has already erupted through the gum tissue and is visible. This allows the dentist to essentially wedge the tooth out of the socket quickly and easily with faster healing. However, there are times when natural teeth are stuck or “impacted” underneath the gum line. This instead requires that the dentist perform a surgical extraction. This is when a cut is made into the gum tissue, so the dentist can access the tooth underneath and remove it. The gum tissue is then sutured back up following this procedure and allowed to heal. Both procedures are performed in our practice.

When might an extraction be necessary?

Extractions are required for many reasons.

  • The dentist may suggest extractions when preparing for certain restorations such as full dentures. Full dentures are used to replace an entire arch of teeth. In preparation for full dentures, patients may have some teeth extracted in order to receive full dentures.
  • In the event of impaction, which is when a tooth is stuck under the gum line, surgical extractions may be recommended. This is common with teeth such as the third molars or the “wisdom teeth” which are the last to erupt and often don’t have the space in the mouth to do so.
  • Some wisdom teeth can be problematic because of their location. They are often so far back in the mouth that they can pose a threat to one’s oral health. They are difficult to clean and floss, putting patients at risk for developing periodontal disease or cavities. Some patients opt to have these teeth extracted as they are not necessary for proper chewing or oral health.

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  • A tooth may be extracted if it cannot be saved with a filling or root canal therapy. This occurs when there has been so much damage to the natural tooth that it is irreversible. This may also happen when patients leave periodontal disease untreated and the tooth is no longer savable.
  • A tooth may be extracted in preparation for orthodontic treatment. Sometimes, patients have issues such as overcrowding, which may cause misalignment. Before an orthodontist begins treatment, some natural teeth may be extracted in order to give the teeth space to line up properly. This is common and nothing patients should worry about!

What to expect during an extraction

Simple extractions are done with local anesthetics and finished quickly as the dentist essentially extracts the tooth using a special instrument. Healing is rather quick, and risk of infection is low. Surgical extractions are a little more invasive and may be done with not only proper anesthetics but also sedation if requested to ensure patient comfort. Recovery may be a few days longer but both procedures are done regularly by our team. Drs. Scott Everhart, Mamta Kori and Farhad Jamshidi can talk to patients who are considering these treatments and walk them through what they can expect before, during, and after their procedures. This is often done at the consultation appointment when patients are learning what their options are for resolving their dental health concerns. We encourage patients to ask questions and fully understand their procedures.

At K&E Dentistry, we offer extractions and more!

If you live near Franklin, OH and are ready to learn more about the benefits of extraction of natural teeth, contact our team today. We can be reached at (855) 912-7677 and are located at 3420 Atrium Boulevard #100. We welcome new patients who are seeking quality dental care for their families.

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