Maxillary Sinus Extraction Instructions 

Maxillary Sinus Extraction Instructions 

You are given this information sheet because your surgery today involved entry into the sinus under your cheekbone. This was due to either:

  1. The roots of your upper back teeth extended into the sinus, and a temporary communication from the sinus into the mouth was created following the extraction in the region. OR
  2. The surgical procedure performed today involved treating a problem within your sinuses.

When you eat or drink following surgery near the sinus, liquid may pass into the sinus and maybe discharge from the nose. Discharge may appear bloody. Do not become alarmed this is normal.

To speed healing and prevent complications, Follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Do not create suction by smoking, sucking on straws, etc
  2. Try to suppress sneezing. To prevent pressure build up if sneezing occurs, Keep the mouth open
  3. Do not forcefully blow your nose to *clear* the sinus or nasal passage.
  4. Return for suture removal and post-operative appointments as advised by the doctor.
  5. You should purchase  and use the following medications.
    • SUDAFED 30mg tablets. Take two tablets every 36 hours for ____ days

Afrin or Neo-Synephrine nasal spray: Use as directed on instructions for no more than 3 days

  1. Take all above and prescribed medications as directed

Finally, if you are concerned or do not understand the instructions, do not hesitate to call the office at anytime.

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