Post-Operative Instructions for Removable Prosthetics

Post-Operative Instructions for Removable Prosthetics

(Dentures, Partials, and Healing dentures )

New Dentures always require a period of adjustment. First time denture patients may require several weeks to get used to their new appliance. Speech may be altered and may require adaptation of the tongue and lips. Singing or reading out loud to yourself will help improve your speech. 

For the first dew days, you should wear your denture as long as possible and chew soft foods in small bites. Remember, dentures do not have the same chewing efficiency as natural teeth and may effect the tast of food. Its not unusual for sore spots to develop in isolated areas of the mouth. If your bite feels uneven after several days, we can adjust your new denture for better comfort. Contact us to arrange the best time for you to come in.

Proper cleaning of your denture is important to prevent stains and bacteria from accumulating on your appliance. It’s best to use a brush designed for dentures, also a denture cleaner rather than toothpaste. Some may be too abrasive for your denture. Do not wear your denture to bed. It is important to allow your gum tissue and jaw bone to rest in order to prevent future tissue irritation, infection, and future bone shrinkage.

Over time, or with weight loss or gain, the supporting gum tissue and bone may change shape and size. Periodic reline of your denture may be necessary to ensure a retentive fit. Denture teeth may wear or chip over time. For this reason an annual check of your tissue and denture is recommended. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office at (855) 912-7677.

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