Straightening crooked teeth with Invisalign instead of braces in Franklin, OH

At K&E Advanced Dentistry, we are committed to creating beautiful smiles for all ages! Our family-friendly practice in Franklin, OH is excited to offer state-of-the-art solutions for creating the smiles patients have always dreamed of. Individuals interested in straightening crooked teeth are encouraged to ask about doing so with Invisalign orthodontics instead of using traditional metal braces.

What is Invisalign?

Patients in Franklin, OH and the surrounding cities (including Centerville) ready to achieve a new look and address misaligned teeth are encouraged to ask our team of professionals about Invisalign. Our dentists, including Drs. Mamta Kori, Scott Everhart, Isha Patel, Farhad Jamshidi, and Yoon Yi, are trained and experienced in providing this service for adult patients. Invisalign is a revolutionary alternative to conventional braces. Instead of using metal to push teeth into better alignment, patients can achieve results with transparent plastic trays. These trays are custom-made for patients based on impressions that are digitized into the computer. The computer determines the best way to move the teeth to align the arch, and creates the design for a set of trays to do so. The number of trays in a set will vary from patient to patient, however, when patients wear each tray for fourteen days and then move to the next, they will gradually notice the changes. By the time patients reach their final tray, they will have the smile they’ve always desired!

How does Invisalign differ from conventional braces?

The difference is clear – literally! Invisalign trays are clear and are practically indistinguishable when patients are wearing them. This ensures that the teeth are being moved without being noticeable. Many patients love having the chance to straighten their smile without having to hide behind metal components as they would with conventional braces. Without the brackets and wires, patients also find this treatment to be far more comfortable. The metal wires and brackets often poke or scratch the soft tissues of the mouth. Conventional braces need to be evaluated regularly and fixed as needed, resulting in more appointments, while Invisalign continues to work if patients continue to comply with their treatment plan.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

Invisalign is:

  • Fast
  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Discreet

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Who is a candidate for Invisalign?

Determining candidacy starts with a consultation appointment with one of our dental professionals at K&E Advanced Dentistry. Patients book a visit with our team and undergo an initial evaluation of the smile. During this time, patients can ask about Invisalign treatment and decide if it is right for them. An evaluation often includes x-rays to check the health of the smile. Patients with mild to moderate misalignment are often considered the best candidates for Invisalign. Invisalign can be used to not only realign the dental arch but also to address bite alignment concerns. Once patients have decided to move forward with Invisalign, their dentist will walk them through the process and schedule their initial appointment to get started with digital impressions.

How do I wear my Invisalign aligners?

Patients are advised to wear each aligner in their set for one to two weeks at a time. This includes day and night. The only time patients should remove their aligner is to care for their teeth, eat, or drink. Wearing the trays helps push the teeth into position and prepares them for the alignment of the next tray in the set. Patients can remove their trays to clean them, while also brushing and flossing their teeth without having to work around metal brackets and wires. This ensures better oral health throughout the process.

Ready to learn more about Invisalign?

Contact our Franklin, OH dental team today at K&E Advanced Dentistry to determine if you can benefit from this amazing alternative to traditional braces. Our professionals, including Drs. Mamta Kori, Scott Everhart, Isha Patel, Farhad Jamshidi, and Yoon Yi can be reached for an appointment by calling (937) 435-5073 and visiting the office at 3420 Atrium Boulevard, Suite 100. We also have an office conveniently located in Centerville, OH for the convenience of patients in that area.

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